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. Automatic Selection of Partitioning Variables for Small Multiple Displays. IEEE Information Visualization, 2015.


. Four Experiments on the Perception of Bar Charts. IEEE Information Visualization, 2014.

Preprint Dataset

. Just-in-time Length Specialization of Dynamic Vector Code. ARRAY, 2014.

Preprint Project

. An Empirical Model of Slope Ratio Comparisons. IEEE Information Visualization, 2012.

Preprint Code Dataset

. Arc Length-based Aspect Ratio Selection. IEEE Information Visualization, 2011.


. Phoenix++: Modular MapReduce for Shared-Memory Systems. MapReduce, 2011.


. An Extension of Wilkinson's Algorithm for Positioning Tick Labels on Axes. IEEE Information Visualization, 2010.

Preprint Code

. Online Aggregation and Continuous Query Support in MapReduce. SIGMOD, 2010.


. Vispedia: On-demand Data Integration for Interactive Visualization and Exploration. SIGMOD, 2009.



A Fast Interpreter and JIT for R